Kitchen Remodeling in Dallas, TX

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Kitchen Remodeling is the art of making your kitchen more functional and more aesthetically pleasing at the same time. It requires experience in various areas such as counter tops, backsplash tile, cabinetry, flooring tile, appliances, and plumbing. You need a quality, experienced remodeling company and at Brunson Construction we have over 50 years of experience tearing down and remodeling kitchens in the Dallas area.

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Our team of highly experienced professional contractors will build out the perfect kitchen for you and your family in a timely fashion so you can enjoy your home and not a mess. We’re here to make it so you love cooking in your kitchen and sneaking out for your midnight snack.

Modern options for upgrading your kitchen include:

  • Wi-fi enabled oven
  • Moleys robotic kitchen
  • Smart refrigerator with touchscreen
  • Fridge camera
  • Nufood Robot 3D food printer
  • Responsive induction cooktops
  • Hidden induction cooktops
  • Minimalist Stone-slab kitchen island
  • Retractable ventilation hood
  • Wall-mounted steam oven
  • Barsys robot bartender
  • GE’s ChefConnect appliances with Bluetooth
  • French door ovens
  • Built-in Vacuum Sealers
  • Touch screen controlled ovens

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