If you are like most people, your kitchen is likely one of the most used spaces in your home. Because of this, kitchens are also one of the most popular rooms to remodel, according to a 2021 survey by Houzz.

Unfortunately, kitchens also happen to be one of the more expensive rooms to remodel because of the fact it is so often used. In fact, the median cost for a small kitchen remodel in 2021 was $10,000, while a major kitchen renovation can cost upwards of $50,000.

But renovating a kitchen can be done on a budget, and remodeling a small kitchen can make it look and feel bigger, without the expense of putting on an addition.

Whether you are considering remodeling your kitchen for better accessibility or improved functionality, or just to refresh your kitchen with an updated look, here are some tips for a small kitchen remodel to help you get the most out of your small space. You might even find you enjoy cooking and entertaining more in your trendy new kitchen!


1. Keep it Simple

simple stylish small kitchen remodel

Photo by Clayton Elliot on Unsplash

In a small space, too much of anything is going to make it feel crowded.  In your kitchen, dispense with the knick-knacks and decorative displays and prioritize functionality and efficiency. Consider your kitchen layout, and how to best work with the space.

Reduce stress with our tips for proper kitchen renovation planning before you start your remodel to help your kitchen renovation go more smoothly. Also, check out these small kitchen layouts that can give you some inspiration about how to format a simple, yet beautiful small kitchen.


2. Use Lighting

Many kitchens often only have one main source of lighting, which is a mistake that can further minimize the space. Lighting can make a huge difference in a small kitchen and help it seem larger. The key is to have layers of lighting that can be adjusted to your needs, both for functionality and ambiance.

Take advantage of natural lighting where you can.  Look for unique ways to bring in more natural light, like these natural light backsplashes. Installing a variety of lighting, including pendant lights, under cabinet lighting, recessed lights, and even floor lighting will give you all the light you need in your newly renovated kitchen.


3. Tear Down a Wall (or Two)

small open kitchen concept

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Don’t let walls close you in. An open kitchen layout has many advantages to your small kitchen space.

If you have the option of tearing down a wall, you can make your kitchen part of your living space and create an open concept that naturally enlarges the space.  Adding an island or breakfast bar will improve workflow and give you additional storage and a place to gather.


4. Get Rid of Upper Cabinets

Wall-to-wall cabinets can make a small kitchen feel even smaller. Instead, try open shelves to give your small kitchen a more open and airy feel. You can go with wood shelving or cool industrial pipe shelving for a modern minimalist vibe.


5. Use Glass

If you are using wall cabinets, consider glass front cabinets to display cherished or even everyday dishware. The glass front can help your small kitchen from feeling too closed in.

If you would rather not have the contents on display, you can always opt for frosted glass to still give you that open feel.


6. Maximize Space

small kitchen space renovation remodel

Photo by Beazy on Unsplash

In a small space, it is especially important (and useful) to make use of normally wasted space.

Here are some ideas for utilizing normally unused kitchen spaces! Maximize space in a small kitchen by utilizing the space behind doors to create a small workstation. Hang utensils and pans from a rack or hooks on the ceiling or rail on the wall. Make use of lazy susans, pull-out cutting boards, and pocket doors. Get creative with wall niches, or turn a narrow cabinet into open wine storage.

There are so many creative ways to optimize the use of your available space when renovating your small kitchen.


7. Consider Color

Dark colors can make a small space feel cramped while light colors give a room a lighter, more airy feel.  But that doesn’t mean you have to stick with all-white or neutral tones.

Add a splash of color with a sunshine yellow island, or bold accent wall in soothing hues of blues or greens, to give the small room a more expansive feel.


Choose the Dallas anKitchen Remodeling Experts

Kitchen remodels are one of those renovations where it’s best to go with a pro. Whether you have a small kitchen makeover in mind or a full kitchen remodel, choosing the right contractor for your renovation should be your top priority.

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