Summer is a great time for vacations, backyard bbqs, cooling off in the pool, and even home renovation projects! The summer heat in Dallas can make some projects uncomfortable to undertake during those sultry months.

However, there are other home remodeling projects that are best done during the summer, while others are best left for other seasons. If you are considering making some home improvements, here are several that are great to do over the summer months!

1. Heating System Repair or Upgrade

Since you won’t be using your heat during the sweltering Texas summer, this is the perfect time to attend to your furnace, whether it is to make repairs or upgrade to a new one. If you wait until the temperature drops, you’ll have to get in line with all of the other Dallas area homeowners who waited until the fall or winter to make those home renovations or updates. Many homeowners rush to replace their heating systems before the winter sets in, which means HVAC technicians get overloaded with appointments. Instead of getting in line behind them to wait your turn, book your appointment now, in the summer, and get a jump on the rush.

Then, you’ll be prepared, and your home will be warm and cozy by the time the cold snap arrives. You might even be able to get a lower rate since it’s the off-season.

2. Fireplace and Woodstove Maintenance

If you love sitting by a crackling fire or enjoy the cozy warmth of a wood stove to take the chill off, summer is the time to get your fireplace ready for use before the cold sets in. Have your chimney cleaned and address any fireplace or wood stove issues now, before you are shivering and need to use them! If you are considering adding a fireplace, wood stove or pellet stove to your home, summer is a great time to shop for one and have it installed, long before you will need it. You will have an easier time getting an appointment with a technician while it’s still hot out, and prices on products and installs may be lower as well.

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3. Kitchen Renovations

Cooking may not be at the top of your list during the scorching Dallas summer heat, unless it’s outdoors, of course! So, if you have been considering any kitchen renovations, the summer is the time to get those done. You can prepare meals outdoors on the grill, opt for salads or take out, or even plan your vacation so you and your family are away while your kitchen renovation is in progress. Whether you are considering an entire kitchen makeover, installing new flooring or cabinets, or just upgrading your appliances, the summer is the perfect time to get those projects done.

4. Install an Outdoor Kitchen

Speaking of kitchens, if you have always dreamed of adding an outdoor kitchen, make that your summer renovation priority! Since it’s a renovation with a fairly short timeline, you can be entertaining guests outdoors before the summer is over! In addition to cooking space, you’ll want to make sure you include plenty of outdoor lighting and seating, along with an outdoor sink so you don’t have to make trips back into the house.

5. Bathroom Remodels

If your bathroom is outdated or could use a refresh, summer is a great time for a bathroom remodel. In addition to a new look, you can swap out old plumbing fixtures to new water-efficient ones, which will use less water and save you money in the long run. Maybe you would like to replace your old bathtub, with a new walk-in shower, with multiple jets. While you are upgrading, consider having heated floors and towel drawers installed for luxury you will love come winter. Storage is always needed in a bathroom, so as part of your remodel, make sure to plan for that by adding shelving, cabinets, or a new vanity, to give you that extra storage space.

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6. Add a Deck, Sun Room, Screened Porch, or Patio

Outdoor living space enhances your home and adds to its value. A new deck, sun room, screened porch, or patio can also add to your enjoyment by giving you a new gathering space for family and friends. Imagine sipping sweet tea on your new porch and visiting with friends. Or invite the neighbors over for a nightcap after dinner on your new patio. If you have an existing outdoor space, consider renovations to upgrade it and make it the star of your backyard!

7. Accessible Renovations

If you are considering making your home more accessible, you can certainly make some of those changes anytime, like adding grab bars in bathrooms. But, maybe you would like to add an outside ramp to your home, or install a platform lift inside. Summer is a great time to undertake those renovations.

A professional contractor can also widen doorways, install slip-resistant flooring, and make other accessible upgrades to your bathroom and the rest of your home.

8. Roof Repair or Replacement

This one is a no-brainer when it comes to summer renovation projects. If you need a new roof or have damage or leaks that require roof repairs, you’ll want to have those completed before the weather gets cold and rainy. Summer is the perfect time to have your roof inspected and make any repairs or get a full roof replacement. Once completed, you’ll feel good knowing that your roof is solid and secure before any bad weather comes along. A new roof can also increase your home’s value and can save you money on heating costs come winter.

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9. Yard and Garage Improvements

Outdoors is the place you want to be when the weather is nice, but maybe you need a little help making repairs to your wooden fence, deck, or garage so you can get the most enjoyment out of your home and property. Our professional Dallas handyman and home repair experts can help! Spruce up the look of your home and property by addressing any broken, damaged, or worn-out pieces, and get your yard, garage, and exterior of your home in tip-top shape!

Ready to Renovate?

Now that you know which projects are best for summer renovations, choose the home remodeling project you have been thinking about and get started this summer! While there are some projects you can certainly undertake yourself, there are others that are best left to a licensed professional contractor. Don’t make these common remodeling mistakes like taking on too much yourself or waiting too long before calling a professional.

Once you decide on a renovation project, you’ll want to choose the right contractor for the job. Review our tips to make the best decision for your project.

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