People with disabilities should be able to live comfortably in their homes. Whether it’s you or a loved one that lives in your home who has a disability, you may be considering renovations to make your home more accessible.

Before starting renovations, you should consider the personal needs and condition of your loved one or yourself so everyone gets the absolute best benefits from the added modifications. Since there are many different types of disabilities that each requires different modifications, how do you know where to start renovations? Start by considering these 8 accessible home renovation ideas and decide which may be the best fit for your home.

1. Build Ramps on Entrances

Ramps are one of the top mobility tools you should consider installing in your Dallas home to make it accessible for people in wheelchairs and those who have trouble climbing steps. Whether on the main entrance, on the back door, or both, ramps are important to be able to easily get in and out of the home. Keep in mind that permanent ramps require a permit from the local government, so be sure to get one before starting construction.

2. Widen Doorways and Hallways

The next thing to do to make your home even more accessible is to widen the doorways and hallways. For wheelchair accessibility, you should have at least 32 inches wide openings while around 34 to 36 inches wide for maneuvering walkers. However, offset hinges should do if you only need to add a few inches of doorway clearance.

3. Install Grab Bars and Toilet Riser

As we all know, the bathroom is the most accident-prone area in the house, especially for people with disabilities. So, installing grab bars around the toilet and shower area is something you should highly consider. Additionally, getting a toilet riser would benefit most people with difficulties controlling their lower extremities.

4. Opt for Step-In Showers

While traditional bathtubs with showers may seem more save space, people with disabilities may struggle with shower baths. Remodeling your bathroom with step-in showers will be a safer and more accessible option. You can even add a shower bench or shower seat for added support.

5. Slip-Resistant Floorings

Another way to ensure safety throughout your house is to have slip-resistant floorings, from the type of hard flooring materials to carpet and rugs which can cause tripping. Slip-resistant floorings should also be in the kitchen and bathroom, where the floors get extra slippery when wet. Also, make sure all rugs have the ends secured so they don’t cause a tripping hazard.

6. Lower Closets and Cabinets

Since most people with disabilities have difficulty standing or stretching, another good home renovation idea is to build closets and cabinets lower than the recommended standard height. This goes for the kitchen and bathroom counters and sinks, allowing them to move and do things they need. Moreover, it is ideal to have lower closet rods around two feet from the floor, so people in wheelchairs can access them.

7. Add Space Beneath the Sink and Vanity

Aside from mobility tools, adding space beneath the kitchen and bathroom sink can make it easier for people in wheelchairs to wash the dishes, brush their teeth, and simply have better access to the sink areas. It may also be more convenient to switch traditional vanities with open space under the sink and create lower storage.

8. Consider a Platform Lift

If you plan to remodel your house, consider platform lifts powered by hydraulics. This will allow people with disabilities to reach lifted areas independently. This equipment can also replace ramps to provide access to other elevated areas in the house.


Choose The Accessible Modifications That Personally Work For Your Family

Overall, people with disabilities should have custom-made housing to make their lives comfortable and allow them to be independent. While everyone who has a disability has different needs and concerns, this list is a great place to start when considering the home renovations that work for your family. Non-disabled individuals can also benefit from renovating homes to make them more accessible for their day-to-day needs.

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