I have been using Brunson Construction for all my repair work at home during past 5-6 years. I have a large house in North Dallas and it takes constant up keeping for one thing or other. There is always something that goes wrong. Prior to meeting Brunson some 6 years ago, we used to use several different contractors for plumbing, electrical, carpentry work, garage door etc. around the house. Now whenever I need to get something done, I call Don Brunson. The help is just one phone call away. Don always answers the call and sets the appointment almost instantly or have someone call me right away for the appointment. Work is always done promptly and properly. They stand by there quality and schedule. The bill for the work done always comes a few weeks after the work is done and it always seem to be very reasonable.

Last year, one fine morning I was taking my car out from my garage in a hurry. For some reason with my mistake the garage door came down before I fully came out of the garage. It did not damage the car but it did damage the garage door. I was already late for a meeting. So I left the half broken garage door alone and went to my meeting. On my way to the meeting I called Don Brunson and told him the story. He promised me to send someone home right away. When I came home in the evening, the door was repaired like a new door. The bill for this work showed up several weeks later. I call this service!

We are extremely happy with Brunson Construction’s work and the quality. I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone for the repair work of almost any kind around the house.”

Subash Gaitonde