CES 2021 was an unusual affair in more ways than one. The annual electronics showcase was all virtual this year due to the global pandemic and we also saw an increased awareness of health inside of the home likely also caused by the pandemic. There were a lot of new products for your bathroom unvield this year, most of them smart appliances or ways to make the bathroom more hygenic. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel in the near future, these are the top gadgets and upgrades to consider adding to make your bathroom the absolute best.

1. Kohler’s Stillness Bath
Kohler introduced a bath based on the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku or “forest bathing”. According to Kohler this tub is designed to “relax the mind, soothe the body and renew the spirit”. The square bathtub includes a lighting system, ability add a foggy mist, and aromatherapy for your own spa-like experience at home.

MSRP: between $6,198 and $15,998.

kohler stillness bath with fog

via Kohler

2. Toto’s NEOREST NX2 Smart Toilet
The new version of Toto’s smart toilet includes a feature they call Actilight. This is a UV light system that runs once a day to help keep the toilet clean of bacteria and contaimanents. The Actilight system creates a photocatalytic reaction in the toilet bowl making it healthier to use and easier to clean later on. The NEOREST NX Smart Toilet also comes with e-water capabilities making it an incredibly hygienic toilet for the health conscious.

MSRP: $17,300.00

toto neorest nx2 with actilight system

via Toto

Video of Toto discussing their NEOREST NX2 Smart Toilet With Tech Republic

3. Hydraloop H600 Water Recycling Unit
Taking care of the enviornment is becoming more and more important to homeowners in Dallas – Fort Worth. One thing most of us overlook is the usage of our water. The Hydraloop H600 can store approximately 158 gallons of recycled water (600 liters) and can clean about 264 gallons of water per day (1,000 liters). The Hydraloop takes water from your air-conditioning unit, washing machine, and shower/bath to clean. Then it stores that clean water and sends it for usage to your washing machine or toilet. With a few upgrades you can also send Hydraloop water to your garden or your pool. The water recycling unit comes with built-in WiFi and pairs with their smartphone app for monitoring and maintenance requests. Installing this system is a little complex and each installation is personalized with the guidance of Hydraloop themselves.

MSRP: Starting at $4,000

hydraloop h600 water recycling unit

via Hydraloop

Watch How Hydraloop Works Video

4. Lux Lab D102 Smart Shower Head
This sleek high-tech shower head comes equipped with LIDAR technology, the same tech that is currently used in self-driving cars. The shower head is designed to allow users to adjust water temperature and pressure with only the wave of a hand.

MSRP: $850

5. Ampere’s Shower Power Bluetooth Speaker
The perfect way to listen to podcasts and music in the shower, this speaker is entirely powered by flowing water ensuring you will never lose battery power in the shower again. The speaker comes in 3 color variations to fit your bathroom aesthetics – white, chrome, and black. This device also claims to be simple to install requiring little effort and being capable of full installation in one minute or less.

ampere power shower bluetooth speaker shower head

via Ampere

MSRP: $100

6. Toto’s E-Water Washlet Bidet
Toto’s Washlet has been on the market for years, but this year the company is unveiling a new addition to their cornerstone product. The new version of the Washlet will use e-water (electrolysed water), a type of water that runs across an anode and a cathode which turns the normal tap water into an efficient disenfect solution, making it more hygenic for usage.

MSRP: $1,430 tp $1,590

7. Kohler Innate Intelligent Toilet
This smart toilet comes with a heated seat, remote control operation, personal bidet, and auto opening and closing function. This is also a DIY friendly toilet that makes installation more simple for the homeowner doing their own bathroom remodel.

MSRP: $3,100

8. Kohler Smart Water Monitor
Kohler’s new smart home water monitoring system comes with great features including automatic shut off and leak detection. The system is powered by Phyn, a smart device manufacturer owned by Belkin, and gives homeowners in-depth detail on how each fixture uses water in the home. It is also DIY friendy and simple to install only needing to be added under one sink to monitor the plumbing system of an entire home. If you’re wanting to get started with a smart bathroom this is also budget friendly option.

MSRP: $300 to $500

9. Kohler Touchless Toilet
Kohler introduced two new styles of their touchless toilet system this year. The touchless toilets allow users to flush simply by waving their hand near the handle. There’s also a customizable LED light ring that can be changed using the Kohler app so the touchless toilet matches your bathroom decor better.

MSRP: $600 to $1,000

10. Kohler Touchless Bathroom Faucet
A follow up to Kohler’s successful Sensate touchless kitchen faucets launched a few years ago, the new line of touchless faucets designed specifically for the bathroom are set to be launched later this year. Just like the kitchen faucets there will be a built-in sensor and a version with a button.

MSRP: Unknown

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