Winter has come and gone (and we’re not sad about it) but your fireplace isn’t going anywhere. Draw inspiration from these 15 amazing fireplaces and turn it into a stunning focal point. The fireplaces are perfect for homes in warmer locations, especially homes in the south. Featuring detailed stonework, modern mantels, and over-the-top decor, they make any living space look awesome.
Let’s look at them.

1. Brick Detail Fireplace

If you love spending time outdoors, you can create a cozy gathering space with a freestanding fireplace made with bricks. Add seasonal features on the mantel to reflect the season. To give the fireplace a relaxed, aged look, set the brick in sand and not concrete.

2. Statement Stone Fireplace

living room fireplace

Image credit: Eldorado Stone

Whether used in an indoor or an outdoor fireplace, stones make a lovely style statement. If you’re using them in an indoor fireplace, be sure to choose a natural theme to bring the outdoors in. A stone fireplace with the right decor invites guests to stay awhile and relax by the fire.

3. Raised Patio Fireplace

outdoor brick paved seating area

Image credit: Brick Paver

If you want to dress up your backyard patio with a gorgeous, outdoor fireplace, go right ahead. A raised outdoor patio with a fireplace is a great place to relax and entertain. The fireplace makes a beautiful focal point in your backyard and the lush vegetation makes it come alive.

4. Firewood Wall

Fall and winter are gone, but they will be back before you know it. A built-in firewood storage space is not only appealing but also very practical. A vertical wood storage system adds warmth to your fireplace. If the fireplace is made with a natural material like stone, it looks simple and stands out.

5.Pool House Fireplace

outside pool stone fireplace

Image credit: Caseindy

A pool house is a perfect spot for alfresco dinners, watching football, and celebrating special occasions. Create your own “home by the sea” with a pool house and a beautiful fireplace. On a hot summer day, it will provide a shady respite from the heat. This pool house adds old world charm and perfectly complements its surroundings.

6. Pergola Fireplace

dark brown wood pergola standing fireplace

Image credit: My Decorative

If you love entertaining and happen to have a pergola, add a fireplace with enough space for seating and a few cushions. You’ll have enough space to entertain your family and friends throughout the year. When it’s cold, you can sit around the fireplace till nighttime.

7. Farmhouse Fireplace

A farmhouse is the archetypal southern building. These days, we are seeing more modern farmhouses that push the boundaries of farmhouse style by incorporating sleek and timeless pieces. If you happen to have a home with high ceilings, emphasize them. Clad your fireplace in stone to draw the eye upward.

8.Cobblestone Fireplace

living room tan cobblestone beach theme fireplace

Image credit: Better Home & Garden

Cobblestone has the ability to enhance any fireplace. If you love its character and appeal, don’t install it outside as no one will be able to appreciate its beauty. Use the stones to frame your fireplace and draw eyes to their lovely, soft texture. You can display your beautiful porcelain dishes on the mantle.

9. Limestone Fireplace

Enjoying evening cocktails next to an outdoor fireplace is a dream for many people. But dreams come true. The limestone used in this fireplace gives it an inviting atmosphere. The Versailles stone flooring, on the other hand, creates a perfect link between the outdoors and the indoors.

10. Arched Stone Fireplace

white brick fireplace

Image credit: Easy Stone Center

If you’ve always loved the look of an arched fireplace but you’re worried about the cost, there’s a way around it. You can hire a stonemason to arch stonework around your square firebox. They can use matching stone to cover any metal that is exposed under the curve. This fireplace makes you feel like you are in a lodge with your family, gathered around the fire and drinking hot cocoa.

11. Wood and Stone Fireplace

You can easily elevate your stone fireplace to give it a new lease on life. Use salvaged wood to add a natural touch to it and to give it historical character. Reclaimed wood can create a beautiful mantel for your fireplace. Also, add antique furniture pieces to the room for added character.

12. Multifunctional Fireplace

fireplace with pizza oven and fire wood storage

Image credit: Houzz

A multifunctional fireplace can save you a lot of time. You’ll also save money as everything will be in one place. This fireplace has a storage space for firewood and a wood-burning pizza oven. Cozy outdoor seats and a plush rug complete it perfectly, enhancing its appeal.

13. Preserved Stone Fireplace

Preserved stones usually go through a specific treatment that prevents them from decaying. If you have a modern home in the south but still want a touch of country, create a fireplace surround with preserved stone. You can add small plants, artwork, and stones to make your fireplace look even more grand.

14. Courtyard Fireplace

rustic outdoor fireplace

Image credit: Besten Haus

A gas fireplace in the courtyard perfectly blends artistry and function. It usually comes with ultra-realistic logs that light up at the flip of a switch. The captivating flames provide instant relaxation and create a calm ambiance. If you have a spacious courtyard, don’t let it go to waste.

15. Porch Fireplace

modern outdoor stone fireplace

Image credit: Recognize a Leader

A fireplace can elevate your porch and give it a lovely ambiance. It transforms the porch from a summer refuge into a comfy outdoor room that can be used on cooler days and nights. Be sure to add furnishings and fabrics with textural appeal and neutral tones as they work well with the exterior.

The fireplace is the focal point of whichever space it occupies. It is a great conversation starter and makes a house feel warm and welcoming. Choose the perfect fireplace for your home and it will look its best all year round. Whether you want a custom floor-to-ceiling design or a prefabricated limestone hearth, you’ll find the perfect fireplace for your style and space here.