Looking to turn your swimming pool into a luxurious oasis? Look to mosaic tiles. They are one of art’s oldest forms and instantly add a decorative touch to a swimming pool. Mosaic tiles have been popular since the days of the Roman Empire and can create a gorgeous swimming pool inside or outside.

The color of the mosaics usually determines the color of the water in the pool. Blue mosaics are often the go-to choice for the inner part of the pool because they make the water look blue, however, other colors are also used. The patterns made by the water as it moves over mosaic tiles create a spectacular display, appearing to bring the mosaics to life.

Mosaic tiles are not limited to the inner part of a pool; they can be used on the edge and even as flooring highlights around a pool’s perimeter. In most cases, one mosaic pattern is used inside the pool and another around the edge.

Let’s talk about the different types of mosaic pool designs.

Sea Turtle Mosaic Pool

Image credit: Mosaic Tile

Imagine sea turtles in your pool that look like they are swimming when the wind blows across the water. Here, sea turtles decorate the pool floor with unique designs made up of closely set of tiny pieces of mosaic tile.

Rattlesnake Pool Inlay

Looking to scare your pool party guests? Then this pool with a snake will make people think twice before taking a dip into the pool.

Hand-Painted Mosaic Pool

Image credit: Sergio Furnari

Want to bring your work of art or a unique mosaic tile designs that will add your own personal stamp to your pool. Then these hand-painted tiles will surely bring your design to life.

Hand-painted mosaic tiles are works of art that require extreme precision and skill. Some are handcrafted by very skilled artisans and waterjet technology is used during cutting.

Seafloor Indoor Swimming Pool

Image credit: Craig Bragdy

Some indoor swimming pools, like this one, feature mosaic designs that look like the seafloor. It’s a very colorful design that features different marine species and a coral reef.

3D Mermaid and Sea Turtle Mosaic Pools

Image credit: Mosaic Tile

3D mosaics are crowd-pleasers and once installed in a pool, it appears as if turtles and mermaids are gliding on the swimming pool’s surface.

3D tiles are some of the most popular tiles – and with good reason. They merge the sophisticated, sculpted effects of light and shadow with the benefits of high-quality, beautifully-designed tile.

3D Nemo and Friends Pool for Kids

Image credit: Exo Tiles

If you or your kids are a fan of Nemo than this is the design for you. Bring your favorite cartoon or movie characters to life, making kids enjoy their time in the swimming pool all the more.

3D Dolphin Designs

Image credit: Mosaic Tile

Dolphins are stunning creatures that are always joyful. They can add a striking effect to any swimming pool.

Combinations using 3D tiles are virtually endless, and the tiles come in a variety of shapes. When you choose the right design and color, you can add year-round glamour to your pool.

Majestic Horse Pool Murals

Image credit: Craig Bragdy

This mural of horses gives the pool an otherworldly aspect. If you have a piece of art featuring horses, you can have it digitally reproduced for tiles.

You may have come across tile murals on walls or floors, but they are also used underwater. Tile murals are pictures or paintings superimposed onto tiles. Any design, image, or logo can be printed and laid over mosaic pool tile.

Pool Murals of Cities

If you’d like to have an attention-grabbing feature in your pool, a mosaic pool mural of a city can add the perfect finishing touch. Kiln-fired mosaic tiles never fade or deteriorate and are perfect for any swimming pool.

Hand-Painted Butterfly Pool Mural

Image credit: Backsplash To Go

A butterfly, the symbol of rebirth, can be a great feature to adorn your swimming pool. The beautiful creature can be painted and hand-glazed on tiles, printed, or silk-screened.

Pool tile murals go beyond printed images. They can be handcrafted designs that turn the interior of the pool into one giant canvas.

Full-Size Flower Mosaic Pool

Image credit: Keith Zars

If you love nature, bring it right into your pool with a full-sized mural of a flower. This mural gives the swimming pool a gorgeous, natural look that will never go out of style.

Blue Mosaic Tile Swimming Pool

Image credit: Craig Bragdy

There’s a reason why blue mosaic tiles are the top choice for swimming pools. These ones create a magnificent effect, making the pool seem like a river that leads to a waterfall.

Glass Tile Guitar Pool Design

Image credit: Cipriano

Image credit: Cipriano

Glass mosaic tiles can really change the look of any pool, especially a custom shaped guitar swimming pool. These tiles reflect the natural sunlight, creating a luminous radiance not seen on other pool tiles during the day and when nighttime rolls around the floor changes to the color of the pool lights.