A bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in your house but that doesn’t mean it should not be invested in properly. Having the bathroom remodeled can even end up being as expensive as a kitchen remodel considering all things that may need to be renovated such as the bathtub, shower, flooring, cabinets, toilet, sink, or even plumbing. 

There are many considerations to ponder when beginning the journey of attempting a bathroom remodeling project which can quickly get overwhelming if you’re not sure what exactly to look for, what to ask, or even where to start. You’re off to a good start by reading this post. We have gathered 11 essential questions to ask yourself before starting a bathroom remodeling project to ensure that your project starts off on the right foot and that you feel comfortable and confident heading into your project. 


1. Why do I want a bathroom remodel?

Let’s start with the basics of starting a bathroom remodeling project. What has motivated you to want a bathroom remodel in the first place? Are you forced to remodel because of the recent Texas winter storm or a leak? Were you inspired by a recent binge watching session of HGTV and saw a bathroom that put yours to shame? Or maybe there was just a certain moment when you realized that your current bathroom situation is simply not working anymore either due to features, style, layout, and/or size. Whatever the reason, take some time to figure out why you really want a bathroom remodel, if it is a path you’re committed to taking, and what it will take to turn it into a bathroom you love. 


2. What features are most important to me?

After answering why you want a bathroom remodel, now you can name the areas you want to focus on during the bathroom remodel. Figure what features are most important to you, like deal-breakers, and then decide on other features that would be nice to have but are not necessarily must-haves. If you do not set focus on certain features, the cost can easily get out of hand. By being honest with yourself about must-have features, it will allow you to focus your budget on things that you actually need in your newly remodeled bathroom. If you have multiple bathrooms you wish to remodel, make a separate list for both.


3. What is my budget?

Speaking of budgeting, take your list of must-have features and ensure you have enough money to cover them. The average bathroom remodel costs about $10,798 but varies greatly between hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the size of the room, products chosen, and the overall size and scope of the remodel. 

Since you already asked yourself what features are must-haves, you can now realistically set your budget to include those features and a bit of wiggle room for those extra “would be nice to have” features and an emergency cushion in case unforeseen circumstances arise (which is likely to happen). Overall, be sure to set a realistic budget for your bathroom remodel along with realistic expectations of what you will be able to accomplish with that budget product-wise and labor-wise. If you have multiple bathrooms you wish to remodel, make a separate budget for both so that you are not left with one bathroom fit for the queen and one made to look like it’s for a sketchy gas station. 


4. Who will be using the bathroom?

Consider who will be utilizing the bathroom most often. If you’re remodeling the kids’ bathroom, you’ll want to consider kid-friendly features that work height-wise, style-wise, safety-wise, and likely want a bathtub or shower/tub combo. If it will mainly be used by adults, consider what you want in consideration to style, height, storage, bathtub/shower needs, flooring, etc. 


5. How much space do I have to work with?

While you may have many wants when it comes to the remodeling of your bathroom, you have to be realistic about the ability to accomplish all your wishes with the square footage of your current space. Space determines much of the ability of what can realistically be accomplished due to layout, storage needs, and size of products that can fit. It also determines how much the remodel is likely to cost. 


6. Do I need a shower, tub, or both? 

As we briefly discussed in the previous question, consider who will be using the bathroom the most in order to decide whether you will need a bathtub, shower, or both. Also, consider space and budget. If you only have space for one, which do you want more: a tub or a shower? Or does your budget allow for a shower/tub combo? 

If your ideal bathroom has the best possible bathtub with many features, you may want to consider these high-quality, smart bathtubs from Wayfair.com. 


7. What are my storage needs?

While the bathroom may often be one of the smallest rooms in the house, we all know too well that it can often be one of the messiest and have the most clutter. Considering all the things that may live in the bathroom in addition to typical features (like hairdryers, brushes, decor, medicine, cleaning supplies, etc.) storage is extremely important to plan for during a remodel. Be sure to not only choose cabinets and countertops that provide storage but also consider if you are able to create a layout that allows for more storage to be installed. Be realistic about expectations considering the square footage of the space. 


8. What is my plan while the bathroom is being remodeled? 

The average small bathroom remodel can be done in about 23 days which (not counting weekends) can take about a month. During that time, you will need to make reasonable accommodations about your bathroom situation because you’ll likely be left without a toilet sink, tub, and shower for weeks. If you have an additional bathroom, then you’re likely all set unless the other bathroom is being remodeled too. In that case, you may be able to create a schedule to alternate when each remodel is done with your contractor. 

If you just have one bathroom, then it gets a bit trickier. Make a solid plan, and maybe even a backup plan for bathroom accommodations. This may mean installing a porta potty temporarily, planning showers and bathroom duties at a nearby friend’s or neighbor’s house, or using the toilet and shower at your gym. 


9. Am I ready / do I have the time for a bathroom remodeling project? 

One thing that you must be prepared and plan for is for the unexpected to happen (which is why we recommend an emergency cushion). If you watch house shows on HGTV, you know exactly what we mean. Whether an unexpected circumstance results in an increase in time, change in design, or an increase in budget, you must be prepared for something happened that will toss a wrench in your original plans. 

You must also consider if you are mentally, physically, and financially prepared to live through a bathroom remodel. You can prepare for some of this by answering some of the previous questions about your budget and plans for alternative bathroom accommodations. Also, be sure to ask the other people in your house, if they feel realistically prepared for a bathroom remodel at this moment. If not, try to get on the same page before continuing. 


10. Should I DIY or hire professionals? 

While you may consider a DIY bathroom remodel to save money, be honest with yourself about your abilities and the time you can put into the remodel. If you are handy and confident in your abilities, then, by all means, go ahead and attempt a DIY and save a few hundred on labor. You can even attempt a combo of DIY projects and getting professional help if you find you can do some but not all projects. Note: It is important not to attempt plumbing or electrical projects if you are not completely, 100% confident in your skills.

If you discover that you would be more confident with a professional handling your bathroom renovation project, then good thing you already have your budget set! You are ready to move onto the final question. 


11. Where or how do I begin planning for my bathroom remodel?

You are already off to a great start by being honest with yourself and answering the previous questions. By finding and answering the previous questions, you’ve likely already established your capacity to start and handle a bathroom remodel. The next step is to find a contractor in your area that will handle your bathroom remodeling project with the quality and care it deserves. Check out these tips on how to choose the right contractor for your remodeling project. In short, you’ll want to find a high-quality contractor that will be able to handle the size, scope, timeliness, and requirements of your remodel. Don’t settle for the first contractor you find or even the cheapest contractor. Do your research, do reviews, and narrow down your choices. 


Choose the top Dallas bathroom remodeling experts

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