The bed is the focal point of any bedroom. However, most bedrooms have regular beds that are nothing out of the ordinary. We are not focusing on those today. Each of the beds we’ve listed here is unique, gorgeous, and functional. The designers decided to follow the road less traveled and created masterpieces that will be talked about for years to come. If you’re looking for a bed that will make a style statement, you’ll find it here. Let’s get started.

1. Magnetic Hover Bed

Not too long ago, this bed would have seemed like something out of a movie. Created by Janjaap Ruijssenaars, it has enough magnets that keep it floating several feet above the floor, even though it weighs 1,984 lbs. The bed was designed to challenge gravity; instead of falling down, it falls up. 4 cables tether it to the walls to ensure that it doesn’t float away.

black bedroom bed floating in the air

Image credit: Janjaap Ruijssenaars

Price: $1.6 Million

2. Vertical Bed

Artist and designer Ernesto Neto has created many great works. The vertical bed is one of his best pieces. While it is actually an art piece and only meant for display, it gives us an idea of how sleeping while standing looks like.

large white standing bed

Image Credit: Ernesto Neto

Not for sale

3. La Montana Rusa: Rollercoaster Bed

A great conversation starter, La Montana Rusa (which translates to roller coaster) is an art installation by Carpinteros, a Cuban artist collective that was established in 1992. It was exhibited at the Sean Kelly Gallery in New York in 2008 and is inspired by roller coasters.

long pink roller coaster bed

Image Credit: Sean Kelly

Not for sale

4. Private Cloud Rocking Bed

The first Private Cloud Rocking Bed was created by German designer Manuel Kloker back in 2005. The designer believed that since rocking chairs are very popular, a rocking bed could also become very popular. The Private Cloud Rocking Bed Version 1.2 is more modern-looking and does not have a canopied top. Flexible feet secure the bed in one position when you want it to stop rocking.

rocking chair style bed made out of wood

Image Credit: Manuel Kloker


5. The iNyx Bed: the World’s Most Advanced Bed

Polish company iNyx designed this bed for the film addicts who prefer to watch movies from the comfort of their homes. The bed, which is the first of its kind, recreates the cinema experience. It comes with a maxi screen, a HD projector, a surround sound system, retractable privacy blinds, a world-class sound system, and built-in LED lights.

dark red bed with LED lights

Image Credit: I-NYX

Price: $5,000-9,000

6. Yin Yang Bed

Italian designer Alessio Pappa created this unusual bunk bed which is based on the Yin and Yang symbol. It has enough space for two people and portrays the two concepts of Yin and Yang: masculine and fierce and feminine and gentle. The designer says that he built it for couples who share a bedroom but want to retain their own personal space.

yin and yang inspired bed with wood tone colors

Image Credit: Alessio Pappa

Price: Not available

7. Tree Bed

Straight out of a fairytale, the tree bed is the brainchild of Shawn Lovell, owner of Shawn Lovell Metalworks. It’s a creative and modern take on the regular four-poster bed. Instead of using wooden posts, the designer used metal to create a bed frame comprised of trees with branches, leaves, and a random bird’s nest. She makes every bed by hand and uses traditional methods as well as modern forging techniques.


Image Credit: Shawn Lovell

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8. Fluttua Floating Bed

Ever wondered how it feels to float in the air? Fluttua offers that experience. One of the first suspended beds in the world, it challenges the force of gravity and makes sleeping while floating a reality. It has a single support at its midpoint with adjustable height. Designer Daniele Lago is the mastermind behind this futuristic bed.

gray color theme room with floating bed

Image Credit: Daniele Lago

Price: $4,996.00

9. Nest Bed

What could be more relaxing than sleeping in your own bird’s nest? This creative furniture piece was created by OGE CreativeGroup to be a new, inspiring social space. The bed offers enough space to sleep and relax and comes in three dimensions. The largest spans 15 feet and provides enough space for 16 people.

Women laying in a wooden bed shaped like a birds nest

Image credit: OGE CreativeGroup

Price 3,500

10. Faz Daybed

Part of the Faz Outdoor Collection, designed by Ramón Esteve and manufactured by Vondom. This daybed is inspired by the shapes of the minerals, found in nature — like crystallized quartz. The designer wanted to create a space where one can relax in the open air without being harmed by the sun’s rays.

women laying outside by the pool on a daybed

Image credit: Vondom

Price: 8,770

11. Tranquility Pod Bed

This avant-garde waterbed uses gentle vibration, soothing light, and pleasant sounds to transport you to a peaceful state of relaxation. Its biofeedback system synchronises with your heart rate then sends vibrations through sound to massage you and relieve stress. The bed is temperature-controlled and is the work of designer Alberto Frias.

white and blue waterbed Tranquility Pod

Image credit: Alberto Frias

Price: 30,000

12. Cabriolet Bed

This “living machine” was the product of Joe Colombo’s interest in “non-furniture” pieces and research into new living environments. Created in 1969, it had a telephone, a radio, an electric fan, and a cigarette lighter, advanced technology at the time. It could simulate both daytime and nighttime conditions.

yellow folding enclosed bed

Image credit: Joe Colombo

Price: Not available

13. Self-Making Bed

We’ve all wished for a self-making bed at some point in our lives. Well, that wish just came true. This dual-zone climate-controlled bed allows you to set your preferred temperature for each side of the bed.

Image credit: Smartduvet

Price: $299.00 – $389.00

14. Cardboard Bed: itbed

One of the best space-saving beds, the itbed is made of 4mm thick cardboard that’s folded like an accordion. In one swift motion, you can fold it for easy storage. It offers a perfect solution for frequent movers or guest beds and comes in two models.

folding cardboard bed

Image credit: Itdesign

Price: $256

15. Glass Bed

Designed by Ennio Arosio, this bed shows off the beauty and versatility of glass. It is part of the Simplicity line of furniture that uses ultra-clear glass by Saint Gobain.

black bedding on a glass bed

Image credit: Santambrogiomilano

Price: Not available

16. Bird Bed

Husband and wife duo François-Xavier and Claude Lalanne captivated the world with their sensual and whimsical sculptures. This bed is a sculpted bird that opens to reveal a bed.

large bird themed bed

Image credit: In Defense Of Art

Not for sale

17. Sonic Bed

Music for Bodies created the Sonic Bed to support the idea of listening to music with one’s entire body and not just the ears. The bed frame has many built-in speakers which release vibration frequencies to stimulate the entire body. The piece was designed by Kaffe Matthews in 2002 as a museum exhibit.

Two people laying in a wooden box shaped bed

Image credit: Music for Bodies

Not for sale

18. Geometric Bed

We won’t blame you for thinking that this bed is an art installation the first time you lay your eyes on it, but it isn’t. Jakob & MacFarlane Architects produced a conversation piece by creating the cage that surrounds the mattress with metal bars.

gray metal bars in a geometric shape around a bed

Image credit: Jakob + Macfarlane

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19. The Ultimate Bed

This isn’t your ordinary bed, it’s a resort for your bedroom. With incredible features like a built-in massage chair, bookshelf, safe, and a music system, this is a bed you wouldn’t want to get out of.

gray, white and beige colored bed with integrated technology

Image credit: Ultimate Bed

Price: $1,999

20. Eclipse Bed

Drawing inspiration from a lunar eclipse, Eclipse Bed merges state-of-the-art entertainment with comfort. Created by İşbir Yatak. The bed features a mount for a flat-screen TV, unique lighting, and a high-end music system

gray round eclipse bed

Image credit: Isbir Bedding

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21. The Cosmos Bed: The Space Bed

The pet project of Natalia Rumyantseva, the Cosmos Bed takes you on a journey of relaxation and rest. It is partially open and provides a sense of privacy. On the upper part, it is fitted with therapeutic LED lights that look like shining stars. Its automatic dispensers will soothe you to sleep.

space cosmos shape bed with light starts inside

Image Credit: Yanko Design

Price: Not available

22. The Hamburger Bed

Sleep like the Burger king or the Burger queen, on this bed. Created by Kayla Kramer back in 2009, it was bought by a hamburger memorabilia collector who later started a Hamburger Museum in Daytona Beach Florida where it is up to today.

Hamburger bed with all the fixings

Image Credit: Hamburger Bed

Not for sale

23. HiCan Smart Bed

Named the world’s most revolutionary smart bed, HiCan is a technological cocoon invented by dreamers for dreamers. It is a perfect fusion of design and technology and the flagship product of Hi Interiors. Based on Open Source software, each of its features can be customized to individual habits.

sliver tech bed in bedroom

Image Credit: Hi Interiors

Price: 40,144

24. Enignum Bed

Unveiled at the Nilufar Gallery in Milan back in 2012, this bed was part of an exhibition of work by Irish designer Joseph Walsh. The Irishman is known for his quirky furniture designs that push the envelope of technical possibility.

tan canopy bed with white sheets hanging from the canopy

Image Credit: Joseph Walsh

Price: $200,602

25. Letto Zip Bed

The invention of Italian company Florida Furniture, Letto Zip is all about the zipper. It’s a great choice for those who don’t like making their beds as it has a zipper on its perimeter that allows you to open and close the stylish cover whenever you want.

white and red zip up bed sheet bed

Image Credit: Bless This Stuff

Price: not available