Some of our favorite haunted houses in the Dallas area are closed due to COVID-19. However, you can still get in the Halloween spirit by putting up some festive decor in your own home. The ten spooky home features below will give you some design inspiration and help you ring in the holiday. 


1. Batwing Fan Wing Blades 

black bat wings fan

From TheAtomicLounge on Etsy

Transform your ordinary fan into a piece of Halloween decor by replacing the blades with these festive bat wings. They’ll not only look great but they’ll also keep you cool all autumn long. 


2. Coffin Light Switch Cover 

glow in the dark coffin-shaped light switch with spider web

From SamhainCustoms on Etsy

This spooky light switch cover is shaped like an old coffin and has spider webs in the corners to show its age. It even glows in the dark and will cast an eerie green shadow on your room at night.   


3. Skull Door Knocker 

antique gold finished skull with horns door knocker

From Nemesis Now on Amazon

This elaborate horned skull door knocker will be the centerpiece of your entryway this Halloween. 


4. Jack-o-Lantern Doormat 

jack o lantern door mat on the ground with fall colored leaves

From blackandwheatco on Etsy

This festive jack-o-lantern doormat will welcome guests and give them a taste of the spooky decor they’ll find throughout your home. 


5. Skull Wall Sconce 

clear skull shaped glass over a lightbulb on the wall


Add some Halloween flair to your hallway or bathroom by installing these skull-shaped sconces. They’re made of clear glass which gives them a creepy iridescent glow. 


6. Spider Web Shelf 

black and green spider web shelf on a speckled black wall

From ZombieKrafts on Etsy

Display your mini pumpkins and other Halloween knick-knacks on this cool spider web shelf. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes to suit any space. 


7. Skeleton Beer Tap Handle

tan skeleton arm atop a beer tap handle

From NorCalSpeed707

Take your Halloween party decorations to the next level by putting this skeleton beer tap handle on your kegerator.

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8. Gothic Chandelier 

gothic chandelier on white background

From Overstock

This tiered chandelier has dark gray patterned glass that gives it an edgy, gothic vibe. It will complement the rest of your Halloween decor and add a little drama to whatever room you put it in. 


9. Freddy Kreuger Fire Pit

mild steel Freddy Krueger shaped wood burner/fire pit on grass

From BurnedbyDesignLtd on Etsy

This show-stopping fire pit is the perfect place to sit around and tell scary stories. It’s made of hand-forged steel and was inspired by Freddy Kreuger from the famous horror movie Nightmare on Elm Street. 


10. Skull Crystal Snow Globe 

two skulls and small black bats inside a snowglobe with a black holder undeneath on a wooden table next to a window

From Walmart

This simple, festive “snow” globe can be placed almost anywhere to set the Halloween mood. Shake the globe for a spooky cool effect that will have glitter, a spider, and bats flying around the two skulls inside.


We hope that these unique Halloween home features will get you in the spirit of the season and help you make this holiday one to remember. If you need assistance with a home remodeling project, spooky or not, give us a call to get your free quote today!