Bathrooms in homes across the Dallas region are literally freezing right now. In many instances water is freezing up in bathtubs, toilets, and sinks making bathrooms unusable. Local plumbers are getting far more calls than they can handle, in some cases over 2,000 calls per hour leaving local residents to try and fix the problems themselves or looking for alternatives.

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How to Prevent Your Water Leaking Damage and to Keep Your Pipes From Freezing and Bursting

Tip #1: If you are a homeowner you should own a water meter key. You can pick these up at Home Depot or online for around $20. If you see a leak in your home shutting the water off quickly is paramount to limting how much damage you’ll have from the leak and reducing the cost to repair your home. Water meters in Texas are generally located at the curb in front of your residence. If you do not have a water meter key immeidately call your local water department and request assistance in shutting off your meter.

water meter key home depot

Tip #2: If you have a tankless water heater leave your hot water on drip in at least one faucet when sub-freezing temperatures are predicted to ensure water going through the heater doesn’t freeze up. At a drip this should not activate your tankless heater to turn on either so you won’t waste electricity or gas. This will help keep your hot water pipes from feezing up and reduce the liklihood of damage to your water heater.

Tip #3: Many Texas homes now have plumbing running through the ceiling. Your home may not have adequate insulation around this piping for extreme winter temperatures or it may use copper piping instead of PEX or PVC piping. Copper piping is often soldered together and the joints can break easily when exposed to exremely low temperatures for longer periods. If you are having your piping replaced or are buying a previously owned home ask and ensure it will be properly insulated to protect against the winter temperatures.

Here are photos and videos of what is happening across Dallas

1. Toilet water is freezing in the bowl

2. Water is also freezing around bowls
dallas frozen toilet

3. Bathtubs full of water are freezing solid

4. Pipes are bursting creating indoors waterfalls

5. Busted pipes are also creating cascades of water from top floor apartment patios

This is the water pouring out of my third floor apartment. The ceiling collapsed from a broken pipe gushing water. I’m one of the many newly homeless in Dallas. from texas

It’s not just bathrooms either.

6. Pipes in aparment building park garages are bursting and freezing on cars below

Texas 2021 from texas

7. Hot tubs full of water are freezing solid

8. And so are outdoor pools

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