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Being a new restauranteur, as the owner of Off the Bone Barbecue, I was fortunate to have Don Brunson as a partner on my first construction build-out project in 2007. Don took personal responsibility of managing every aspect of the project, he ensured timeliness of all deliverables  and gave every detain his attention. His hard work really paid off, unsolicited compliments are often given by our customers stating, “Your contractor really did an excellent job on this building, we saw the before…”. So… when we undertook an expansion in 2010, there was no question about who would lead the project, we called Don again. As our business continues to grow we have plans for additional expansion and we hope to partner with Brunson Construction again, because we know he will exceed our expectations.

Off the Bone Barbecue

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I appreciate all of the work completed by Brunson Construction over the last 22 months. They have done a great job on the painting and touch up work on all of our floors. The corner protectors installed in 2011 are outstanding and they have prevented most damages caused by office carts. The use of stainless steel has made them durable and attractive.

The exterior concrete repairs were very well done and the patches have made much of the rear parking lot safe and trip-free. We at ADP look forward to more improvements at our site over the next 11 months.


Thomas J. Fudge ÂRPA, FMA | Facilities Manager

CBRE, Inc. | Global Corporate Services

ADP Account

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ADP Dallas

JD Brunson Construction has completed four jobs for us in the past four years. Each of these has finished on time with excellent results. There competitive pricing, supervision of subcontractors, and attention to details are all reasons to put them to work on your future projects.

Fred Miller- De La Rue America

For over 38 years, Mr. Brunson has been the key contractor for two of our properties: one in Canton, TX and one in Dallas, TX. He does all the repairs on our homes. We have been pleased with his response time and trust him to follow through and accomplish both remodeling and repair work.

Mr. Don Brunson is a man of integrity and honor. He has always been quick to respond and has a team of subs that are trained in the various skills of electrical, plumbing, painting, construction, and roofing. His people are on time, neat and clean and they leave the jobsite clean when they leave.

He remodeled our Dallas home three times and has done a wonderful, quality job each time. We recently had him update our second getaway home and I am exceedingly happy with the workmanship and his commitment to repairing and watching that everything is of first quality during the warranty period.

Our neighbors have observed his work habits and chosen to hire his group to remodel and repair their homes also. To me, the fact that we had a contractor which we came away respecting and wanting to work with again tells the most important fact anyone would want to know.


The Brunson Company is a company we are most happy to recommend to anyone. They are fast, clean, flexible and reasonably priced. They pay attention to details most others don’t. They work to minimize business disruption and come up with good ideas you never thought of. They have years of experience and a long list of customers that will confirm. They have completed several projects for us now, including our Headquarters and Showroom make-over. We invite anyone to call or come see their work.


Don McDonald

Manager, Apex Supply

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